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Climate & Discipline

Excerpt from The Student Plan for Academic Achievement addressing school climate:

Students will participate in weekly meetings designed to problem solve real-life problems. During class meetings students will engage in structured conversations, promoting the Pillars of Character: Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Citizenship, Respect, Fairness, Caring. Through the YES! For Schools self development program, students learn team building and breathing techniques to reduce stress/increase focus. As we create a new vision and mission, we reinforce ideals and practices for Social-Emotional Learning. School-wide, we expand our implementation of Caring School Community practices and instill the Golden Keys: Self respect is respecting others. Make a new friend everyday. Create a sense of belongingness. Laugh and let go! Speak in the present. Establish a personal connection with your teacher from the YES! for Schools Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Lifestyle seminar throughout the school community. We will adapt Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind – 16 Essential

Characteristics for Success, especially as they relate to expanding our implementation of the Common Core State Standards, Thinking Maps, Caring School Community and YES!

In an effort to build a sense of community and a school climate in which all members feel a sense of belonging, ownership, pride and contribution to the goals of the group, this year again we are implementing Caring School Communities (CSC) Program, school-wide. CSC is a wellness program that teaches the students the virtues of conscience, acceptance, respect, empathy, and self-control.

Elementary education is the foundation for all future academic achievement and Westmont operates with the belief that it is imperative to have each student be “college ready” in order to pursue a full range of post-secondary options and be prepared for life beyond high school. This year marks our 3rd year since our adoption of the “No Excuses University” best practices initiative supporting college readiness for every student.