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Cell Phones

In general, students have no need to bring cell phones to school. Students shall not use, display, transmit or have in the “on” position on school property any wireless communication device, including but not necessarily limited to, cellular telephones, paging devices, two-way radios, cameras or similar devices until after the conclusion of the school day.

Students shall be personally and solely responsible for the security of their cell phones. However, any device possessed or used in violation of this rule may be immediately confiscated by school personnel. Absent compelling and unusual circumstances, wireless communication devices that are confiscated by the schools will only be returned to the student’s parent or guardian. Pomona Unified School District shall not assume responsibility for theft, loss or damage of a cell phone or any other personal wireless communication device.


Students who violate the above restrictions shall be deemed to have created a disruption to the instructional environment and will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, generally up to and including short-term suspension. Additional aggravating factors subject a student to more stringent disciplinary consequence when the circumstances warrant:

  • Using wireless communication devices to reproduce images of tests, to access unauthorized school information or to assist students in any aspect of their instructional program in a manner that violates any school board policy, district or school code of conduct.

Using cellular telephones or other devices with photographic capabilities in classrooms, playground, library, cafeteria, restrooms or any other common student areas.