2019 Robotics Field Day

2019 Robotics Field Day
Almost 300 students in grades 4-8 competed in robotic competitions at PUSD's Robotics Field Day on March 23, 2019.  Students programmed their robots to race through the Fast Line Following Competition, carefully navigate the Obstacle Course, and battle for supremacy in the Sumo Ring.  Special awards were given in the areas of Teamwork and Ingenuity.  
Trophies were awarded to the following teams:
Sumo Junior Division:  1st Place - Gryffindors (Arroyo); 2nd Place - Raptor (Lexington); 3rd Place - Zombie Unicorns (Arroyo TLC)
Sumo Senior Division:  1st Place - Deadly Stars (Cortez); 2nd Place - Robros (Cortez); 3rd Place - The Allies (Cortez)
Fast Line Following:  1st Place - The Brains (Arroyo TLC); 2nd Place - The Golden Gods (Washington); 3rd Place -  The Blue Flames (Lexington)
Teamwork Challenge:  Unicorn Squad (Ranch Hills)
Ingenuity - Steel Wings (Barfield); Lemon Bot (Diamond Point); The Gear Team (Cortez)